Committee Officers

Mr. Ty Ortiz – Chair
Geohazards Program Manager
Colorado Department of Transportation

Mr. Pete Ingraham – Vice-Chair

Mr. Ben Arndt – Chair of Rockfall Subcommittee
Principal Engineer
RJ Engineering and Consulting

Mr. Brent Black – Research Coordinator
Sr. Associate Engineering Geologist
Landslide Technology

Mr. Mark Vessely – Communications Coordinator
Vice President
Shannon and Wilson, Inc.

Ms. Nancy M. Whiting – TRB Staff Representative
Senior Program Officer
Transportation Research Board

Committee Members

Dr. Scott Anderson
Principal Geotechnical Engineering 
BGC Engineering Inc

Ms. Vanessa Bateman 
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Mr. Brian Buckno
Virginia Department of Transportation

Mr. Ghislain Brunet
Rockfall Business Unit Manager for North America 
Maccaferri, Inc.

Ms. Marilyn Dodson
Sr. Geotechnical Engineer 
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Mr. Mark Falk
Assistant Chief Engineering Geologist 
Wyoming Department of Transportation

Mr. Marc Fish
Assistant Chief Engineering Geologist 
Washington State Department of Transportation

Mr. Robert Forbes 
Ameritech Slope Constructors

Mr. Quan Gao
Research Assistant 
Case Western Reserve University

Dr. William Gates
McMillen Jacobs Associates

Dr. James Glover
Geomechanics, Rockfalls, Avalanches, Debris Flows 
Mountain Geohazards

Mr. Robert Group
Engineering Geologist 
Colorado Department of Transportation

Mr. Kyle Halverson
Chief Geologist 
Kansas Department of Transportation

Dr. D. Jean Hutchinson
Department Chair 
Queen’s University

Mr. Robert Kimmerling
PanGEO, Inc.

Mrs. Michelle Mann
New Mexico Department of Transportation

Prof. Paolo Mazzanti 
“Sapienza”, University of Rome

Ms. Aine Mines
Landslide Technologies, Inc.

Dr. Daniele Peila
Maccaferri, Inc.

Ms. Krystle Pelham
Engineering Geologist 
New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Mr. John Pilipchuk
State Geotechnical Engineer 
North Carolina Department of Transportation

Dr. Helen Reeves
Director of Science Engineering Geology 
British Geological Survey

Mr. Benjamin Rivers
Geotechnical Engineer 
Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)

Mr. Tim Shevlin
NW Regional Manager 
Geobrugg North America, LLC

Dr. Chester (Skip) Watts
Radford University

Dr. Martin Woodard
NE Regional Engineer 
GeoStabilization International

Emeritus Member

Dr. Alan Keith Turner
Emeritus Professor of Geological Engineering 
Colorado School of Mines