NCHRP Synthesis Statement Topics Due Feb 19, 2019

Randy PostResearch Needs Statements

NCHRP Synthesis

Members, friends and attendees of the Engineering Geology Committee Annual Meeting,

The due date for NCHRP Synthesis topic statements is this Monday, Feb 19. Please let me know if you have submitted a statement that fits with the spirit and scope of Engineering Geology so we can record and track progress. And, if anyone would like to make a last minute dash to submit a statement please let us know and we can work together to help get it in the TRB System. Here are a few of the synthesis topics brought up during the Annual Meeting.

  1. State of practices for geotechnical and geohazard data management
  2. State of practice for rockfall monitoring
  3. Methods of measuring socioeconomic impacts associated with geohazards
  4. Resilience of rockfall mitigation (could be linked to climate change and geohazards)

Anyone can submit a synthesis topic statement at the following website. The information needed is a scope of work and information sources.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you … ty